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no extra charge for our 3CX customers

English Training Center

Video/Voice, Menu, Emails, Notifications, Certificates of Participation in English.

Austrian Training Center

Here you will find the complete course procedure in German language.

We didn’t promise too much when we assured you before signing the contract that no effort, no matter how great, will ever be spared to make your customer experience as pleasant as possible. 

The Training Center can be opened in the browser or installed as an app on your smartphone (instructions below).

You, as an xcon customer, will receive the 3CX Video Training for your entire staff free of charge.

Please send an email to our support and let us know which employees you want us to activate the access in the respective training center.

Because we are always asked about this: All companies that did not purchase 3CX from us, but need training and assistance, have the option to purchase the 3CX training directly in our platform. Just buy the amount of licenses for your employees and we will activate the access for you. Only where xcon is on it, is xcon in it.

People make phone calls every day based on our know-how (April 2022)

APP installation guide

Android Smartphone
1. Open the members area in the browser. To do this, click on the link in the welcome email.
2. Click on the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner and switch to the Google Chrome browser. Click on “Open in Chrome”.
3. In Google Chrome click on the 3 dots menu.
android app

4. From the menu list select “Install App”. 
5. Click install and the app is installed.
6. You can now display the app on the home screen.

3cx android app
1. Open the members area via the Safari browser and log in. Open the menu of the browser (bottom center)
2. Scroll down and select “Add to Home Screen”. 
3. Click on “Add”. The app is on the Home screen. 


android app