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Our customers across all industries have confirmed that we do what we say we do.

The following criteria were decisive for their purchase:

Service & support instead of 08/15 support
Service & Support 100%
No hotlines but a personal contact person
Contact person 100%
No hidden costs
Transparency 100%
XCON Infrastructure
Infrastructure 100%

We have been installing, configuring and supporting IP telephone systems since 2009.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we do claim to be the best.

Over 12 million people use 3CX every day

More than 600,000 companies worldwide rely on 3CX

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Top features

3CX Webclient
You too can benefit from the simple operation of our 3CX VoIP system

The high opinion of our valuable customers undoubtedly confirms that the handling of our 3CX VoIP telephone system is of an unparalleled intuitive nature and is self-evident.

The web client’s magnificent graphical interface allows you to reach your goal with breathtaking speed, without having to waste your precious time watching YouTube videos or studying extensive user manuals.

3CX Homeoffice
With 3CX, you can work from home from the very first minute

With our browser-based web client and smartphone app, you can start working from home from the very first second.

But that’s not all. You can make your business calls and video conferences from anywhere. More freedom and flexibility is not possible.

Your customers don’t need to leave callbacks when you or your employees are working from home.

3CX MobileAPP
Mobile reachable with office number

Thanks to our smartphone app, you can be reached at your usual extension number even when you are on the move.

You can call your customers from your landline number and no longer have to pass on your cell phone number.

The company appears under a telephone number that every customer can remember.

This in turn boosts your image.

3CX CRM Integration
Know who is calling thanks to simple integration of CRM software

Thanks to the integration of your CRM, ERP or your helpdesk or merchandise management software, you always know who is calling you and can also document the calls if necessary.

You can make a call with just one click.

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips.
The 3CX telephone system is the central interface and therefore an indispensable link.

3CX Live Chat
Address website visitors directly via 3CX Live Chat

Communication is getting faster and faster and the website has long been optimized for the Google search behavior of your customers. Unfortunately, the bounce rate of a website is around 80%. With your 3CX telephone system, you offer your visitors the opportunity to contact you immediately via live chat on your website.

3CX Standortvernetzung
Easily network locations with 3CX hosted in Austria

Since your 3CX VoIP telephone system runs in our data center in Vienna – in a private cloud – you only need a single telephone system for all your locations.

Regardless of whether the locations are in Austria or all over the world, internal calls are always free of charge.

More than 150 premium functions

3CX WhatsAPP Business Integration
WhatsAPP Integration
3CX Facebook Integration
Facebook Integration
3CX WordPress Business Integration
WordPress Integration
3CX Teams Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
3CS Videokonferenz
Kostenlose Videokonferenzen
3CX Callcenterfunktion
Warteschleifen & Callcenter Funktion
3CX persönliche Audiofiles
Persönliche Audiofiles
3CX Platinum Partner Loge
und so vieles mehr....
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Why xcon?

We specialize in adapting our 3CX VoIP telephone system to your needs and your company. Thanks to our many years of experience in fixed-line telephony and marketing, you as a company can only benefit in many ways.

Your 3CX telephone system should be as unique as your company is.

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Mario Krenmayr


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David Wimmer


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3CX licenses

The number of simultaneous calls is shown in the 3CX hosted voice channels. Unlike ISDN, internal calls are also counted here. We therefore recommend the following classification:

1 - 8 employees
9 - 25 employees
26 - 50 employees
51 - 75 employees
76 - 100 employees
über 100 employees

In order to be able to prepare a serious offer for a company of your size, we ask you for a short online appointment to get to know us personally and to clarify the most important key points.

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